Hurlyvale Pre Primary School is an independent institution that receives no government subsidy. We are therefore totally reliant on Fund Raising for various projects.

Although this is a non obligatory matter, we appeal to all parents to assist us in our efforts to grow and improve our services as well as ensure the children in our care receive the best equipment we can afford.

There are generally THREE to FOUR main Fund Raising Projects annually. These are divided over the four terms. Smaller fund raisers take place weekly in the form of TUCK SALES and there are a number of educational visits that also assist to a minor degree with increasing income.

Hurlyvale pre primary school offers five Grade R classes with the facility for a maximum of 110 children. Our teachers are dedicated to the little people they serve and endeavour to offer the best service they can to the overall development and sound education of these children.

The Green Grasshoppers are taught by Teacher Gabi, who has more than 25 years experience in the field of Foundation Phase Education. Her objectives remain focused on the development of an educational programme that will adequately prepare the little folk for Grade One and life beyond.

The Red Ladybirds are taught by Teacher Jade who has a keen interest in working with children in the Early Childhood Phase. Her innovative creative ideas inspire interest in and a desire to experiment further, with a wide variety of art media.

The Blue Butterflies are taught by Teacher Jacqui. Her warm, enthusiastic approach to the little learners in her care as well as her desire to encourage their progress and success , endears her to all.

The Yellow Bumblebees are taught by Teacher Monique. Her gentle approach to little folk with learning difficulties enables these children to develop in a safe and inspiring environment.